1. Ghost Iris
  2. The Royal
  3. Uneven Structure
    Montpellier, France
  4. The Interbeing
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Annisokay
    Halle (Saale), Germany
  6. RAZZ
    Twist, Germany
  7. The Intersphere
    Mannheim, Germany
  8. The Hirsch Effekt
    Hannover, Germany
  9. Birth of Joy
  10. White Miles
    Tirol, Austria
  11. Second Relation
    Feldkirch, Austria
  12. frames
    Hannover, Germany
  13. The Low Frequency In Stereo
    Haugesund, Norway
  14. The Jury & the Saints
    Auckland, New Zealand


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Long Branch Records is an imprint of SPV Schallplatten, Produktion & Vertrieb GmbH.

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