1. Agent Fresco - LBR
    Reykjavík, Iceland
  2. The Hirsch Effekt
    Hannover, Germany
  3. Unprocessed
    Wiesbaden, Germany
  4. Uneven Structure
    Montpellier, France
  5. A Pale Horse Named Death
    Brooklyn, New York
  6. As Everything Unfolds
    England, UK
  7. Our Oceans
  8. The Intersphere
    Mannheim, Germany
  9. 22
    Trondheim, Norway
  10. Annisokay
    Halle (Saale), Germany
  11. Ghost Iris
  12. CABAL
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  13. The Royal
  14. The Interbeing
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  15. Black Orchid Empire
    London, UK
  16. Silent Screams
    Coventry, UK
  17. Shields
  18. Valis Ablaze
    Bristol, UK
  19. From Sorrow To Serenity
    Glasgow, UK
  20. Demons Of Ruby Mae
  21. RAZZ
    Berlin, Germany
  22. KOJ
    Münster, Germany
  23. frames
    Hannover, Germany
  24. Exploring Birdsong
    Liverpool, UK
  25. Kid Dad
  26. Birth of Joy
  27. White Miles
    Tirol, Austria
  28. Second Relation
    Feldkirch, Austria
  29. Walking Dead On Broadway
    Leipzig, Germany
  30. Tides From Nebula
    Warsaw, Poland
  31. The Low Frequency In Stereo
    Haugesund, Norway
  32. The Jury & the Saints
    Auckland, New Zealand
  33. The Five Hundred
    Nottingham, UK
  34. Time, The Valuator
  35. Cold Night For Alligators
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  36. Siamese
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  37. Jonestown
    Brighton, UK
  38. Tides From Nebula
    Warsaw, Poland
  39. Borders
    Lincoln, UK
  40. Atlas
    Tampere, Finland
  41. Rendezvous Point
  42. Rising Insane
    Bremen, Germany
  43. Ivy Crown
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  44. Prospective
    Bologna, Italy
  45. Forgetting The Memories
    Stockholm, Sweden
  46. Silvertomb
    Brooklyn, New York
  47. Julia Marcell
  48. Throw The Fight
    Minneapolis, Minnesota


Long Branch Records Hanover, Germany

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Long Branch Records is an imprint of SPV Schallplatten, Produktion & Vertrieb GmbH.

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